Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Derakhshan's ability to explain to me in detail, what is causing my specific ailments has helped me more ware of my body and allowed me to be more involved with my own healing in a proactive way. She is also the sweetest doctor I have ever had"

- K.S. - Berkeley, CA

"I have encountered Dr. Setareh Derakhshan when she has substituted both short- and long-term for my San Francisco chiropractor. In my experience, she is a superb healer. As other reviewers have noted, she addresses the whole person, quickly making the connection between what might seem to be obscure quirks in your habits and what really ails you. Not only did she fix my elbow, in other words, but my blood pressure went down. If you're disillusioned with the health care system, your faith will be restored. She's the real deal, so talented and kind. My heart goes out to her Berkeley patients as she moves to Southern California, but if you're in the Rancho Cucamonga area, lucky you!"

- M.P. - San Franciso

"After countless days of unsatisfactory visits to medical offices, I ended up at Your Health in Motion and I am so glad that I did! Dr. Derakhshan is as good as they come! She is very personable and professional at every level. From the moment I stepped into the office I felt a sincere warmth from the environment.

She is good at educating her patients with the reasons for their treatments and is genuinely concerned with the well-being of your mind, body, and health. Since my first visit, my posture, back pains, and overall health have dramatically improved. I always look forward to coming here because I always leave rejuvenated. I highly consider paying a visit to Dr Derakhshan if you are in need of a doctor that truly cares and is passionate about improving your health and quality of life."

- B.F. - Fullerton, CA

"Dr. D helped me discover a life without pain and that is a gift I will forever be grateful for."

- M.P. - Berkeley, CA

"Dr. Setareh has a wealth of knowledge in natural medicine with a magical touch. Her blend of clinical nutrition, neurology and sports rehabilitation makes her a valuable resource in the community for health and wellness. I would highly recommend this doctor for anyone that's looking for answers and is serious about getting "well"."

- A.N. - Long Beach, CA

"I have never felt so alive as I do this year when I started seeing Dr. Derakhshan. I had suffered a severe concussion 1 years ago and my life and vitality declined tremendously. I saw my life heading in a dark, scary place. A friend recommended Dr. Derakhshan and my life has changed because of it. I never knew that a head injury so far back can alter your life the way it did mine. With her help, I have tackled my balance and memory issues and the constant "fuzzy" and "foggy" feeling that I associated with getting old. She has taught me how to eat, how to take care of myself and how to finally LIVE! Thank you so much for this gift"

- B.H. - San Francisco, CA

"Dr. Derakhshan, or Dr. D, for us lazy people, is so gifted and learned in her field. I think of her as an expert in Functional Medicine, a wholistic approach to my health and healing. She asks the right questions to ascertain a diagnosis, and has suggestions for natural remedies and actions that can bring you back to health. She is also firm in her healing techniques, which means tough love, you will have homework, I.e. diet changes, and sometimes the deep massage techniques needed to bring about relief are challenging. The results are amazing."

- B.C. - Oakland, CA

"I went in for a headaches I was having since I could remember. Dr. D showed me the anatomy and nerves in the neck and how the limited motion can cause pressure and stagnation in the area. I was impressed by the neurological exam she performed and the difference in one side of my brain activity vs the other. I treated and given exercises. I have not had a headache for over 4 months. If you are looking for answers about your pain and health problems, Dr. D is IT!!!"

- A.Y. - Berkeley, CA

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